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    1. Human Resourse
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      HR Policy

        HR Policy: Selecting and Training Employees with Political Integrity and Professional Competence

        Description: By sticking to the HR policy of “selecting and training employees with political integrity and professional competence” and the development strategy, Chengdu Environment Group strives to innovate talent development mechanism, optimize the structure of talent team, and enhance the quality of talent team by external talent introduction and internal talent training, aiming at building three talent teams focusing on operation management, professional technologies, and operation skills.

        With the standard of political integrity and professional competence, Chengdu Environment Group lays emphasis on candidates’ wisdom and ability and attaches more importance to their ideology and morals. It is required that the candidate possesses not only high competence and professional level but also profound theoretical attainment, solid faith, and lofty moral character in order to lay a foundation for the Group to build the talent team of high quality.

        Talents are discovered and selected by flexible measures, such as external talent introduction, recommending the best fit, and public competition. Talents are cultivated by post exercise and professional training. Fresh blood is introduced to drive the development of the talent team by the linkage mechanism of “selection, cultivation, and appointment”, thus providing reliable talent and intelligence support for the development of Chengdu Environment Group.