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    1. Home page > Water Supply

        Chengdu Municipal Waterworks Co., Ltd. of the Group possesses eight waterworks in Sichuan, Hainan and other provinces with total water supply capacity of 2.35 million cubic meters per day. In Chengdu, the water supply covers central urban areas and Pidu District and extends to Xindu District, Longquanyi District, and Shuangliu District with a service area of 350 square kilometers and a service population of over 4 million. The water supply capacity ranks the top in the west of China and the 7th nationwide. With the water qualification rate of 100%, it is one of the first batch of waterworks of up-to-standard water quality in China. The difference rate between water production and sale is 15%; the rate of capacity utilization is 93.8%.

      Water Supply Safety

        Early Warning and Monitoring: Chengdu Municipal Waterworks Co., Ltd. has established the real-time monitoring system which can 24/7 monitor the critical water quality indicators of the whole process involving raw water, processed water, finished water, and pipe network water. Various measures are taken to ensure the complete success of the early warning, such as online monitoring instruments, real-time data collection, video image transmission, and 24-hour on-duty personnel.

        Process Control: Chengdu Municipal Waterworks Co., Ltd. has wholly realized the automatic operation and the remote control of all the production processes. The real-time data collected by dynamic monitoring system and the timely local and remote control of the company scheduling center and the waterworks guarantee the quick response of the production process control. The coordinated response has considerably enhanced the reliability and safety of operation.

        Pipe Network Maintenance: Chengdu Municipal Waterworks Co., Ltd. also has established the management platform with completed system and flow support of each process, namely, pipe network inspection, fire-fighting drainage water, active facility maintenance, leakage point detection, hot-line call, and pipe network emergency repair. Currently, the time of pipe network emergency repair and the control of the gap between production and sale of the Company both take the leading positions in China.

        Water Quality Testing: As the National Water Quality Monitoring Net of City Water Supply Chengdu Station, Chengdu Municipal Waterworks Co., Ltd. Water Quality Monitoring Center with integrated water quality monitoring system possesses the monitoring capacity of all the 106 indexes of the national hygienic standard for drinking water and the 44 indexes of 9 products including surface water, underground water, and poly aluminum chloride. Its water quality surpasses the standards of the latest Standards for Drinking Water Quality of China. The qualification rate of finished water reaches 100% and the qualification rate of pipe network water reaches 99.5%, both exceeding the national standards. The water quality of the Company takes the lead nationwide.

        Emergency Response: The Company has set up dozens of special emergency plans covering public health emergency, water supply system emergency, chemical pollution, high turbidity emergency. And the corresponding national advanced emergent water treatment system has been developed. The Company has successfully coped with several emergent debris flows in recent years, ensuring the constant urban water supply and the water quality of national standards. The capacity of water supply safety guarantee has proved its reliability in practice.

      Water Supply

        Equipped with special service management platform, Chengdu Municipal Waterworks Co., Ltd. formed the customer-oriented and business process-centric management mode. The service quality management system assisted by supporting performance assessment system is built at all levels and in all aspects; the key service nodes are real-timely monitored. Therefore, the virtuous circle of response, implementation, inspection, and improvement has been formed. The service quality management features the dual control of self-assessment and external assessment.

        Self-assessment System: Customers only need to dial the water supply hot line: 962965 and their needs are effectively responded. The hot line platform is independently operated from production, operation, and marketing to ensure the timeliness of the collection and delivery of information and the transmission and feedback of modifying instruction, allowing the timely discovery and efficient solution of problems. The system has passed the final audit of Customer Contact Center Standard and received the four-star certification. Hence, the Company has become the third to obtain the certificate in domestic water supply industry.

        External Assessment: The Company entrusts the third-party professional assessment company to assess the sale, installation, and service satisfaction twice a year. Therefore, shortages are found out via costumers’ voice and the service quality analysis for continuous improvement. The assessment results of the past four years show that all the customer satisfaction is over 80 points at a level of excellent.

      Technical Advantages

        The Company has a team emphasizing technical innovation and more than 300 employees with the senior and intermediate professional titles. The waterworks automatic control system, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) for production, Geographic Information System (GIS) for water supply pipe network, and hydraulic model system for pipe network have been established. And the core technologies have been developed, giving priority to production operation and covering water quality early warning and monitoring, waterworks production automatic control, and pipe network information monitoring and analysis. The four national leading systems strongly support the safe and reliable operation of water supply system and guarantee the immediate responses to emergencies. Among them, after research and development, operation, and adoption, the hydraulic model system for pipe network has realized the dynamic analysis of the water supply pipe network, providing instruction for pipe network development plan, production scheduling plans, pipe network water control plan, pipe network optimization, pipe network accident analysis and others. The nationwide top-ranking system offers solid assisted decision support for production management.