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    1. Home page > Environment Industry

      Hazardous Waste Disposal

        Subordinated to Xingrong Group, Chengdu Xingrong Hazardous Waste Treatment Co., Ltd. owns a hazardous waste disposal center which serves for hazardous waste disposal in Sichuan.

        Service mission: To become a hazardous waste disposal service provider boasting a high reputation both at home and abroad.

        Service scope: To offer the disposal service of hazardous waste for 19 cities and prefectures excluding Panzhihua and Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan.

        Waste volume disposed: 31,400 tons of hazardous waste per year for Stage I

        Waste type disposed: 31 types of hazardous wastes

        Disposal method: Including incineration, physical and chemical treatment, solidification and landfill based on the state of waste

      Garbage Power Generation

        Chengdu Xingrong Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. (Xingrong Renewable) is working on the construction of Chengdu Wanxing Green Power Plant Project, which can dispose 2,400 tons of wastes per day. The construction of Longfeng Environmental Power Plant Project in Pengzhou City is also in the pipeline, which can dispose 1,500 tons of wastes per day. Xingrong Renewable is now advancing the implementation of urban garbage power generation.

      Landfill Leachate Treatment

        Xingrong Renewable runs a landfill leachate treatment plant, which manages 2,000 cubic meters of landfill leachate per day.

      Sludge Treatment

        Chengdu Drainage Co., Ltd. (Chengdu Drainage) runs a sewage / sludge treatment plant, which manages 400 tons of sewage / sludge per day. The company is in the build-up to launch Stage II of the sludge treatment plant, with the intention to manage sludge through biological reprocessing, mainly by earthworm, and cement kiln co-processing.

      Reclaimed Water Reuse

        Chengdu Drainage is boosting the reclaimed water reuse project, which replenishes rivers and lakes with reclaimed water so as to ease the water shortage aroused in Chengdu. So far, the volume of recycled reclaimed water has reached 500,000 cubic meters per day.