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      The Delegation of Hassane Boumchita, Deputy Mayor of Fez, Morocco, Visits Chengdu Environment Group

        On the afternoon of October 26, Mr. Hassane Boumchita, Deputy Mayor and Councilor of Fez, Morocco, visited Chengdu Environment Group with his delegation. Chen Bing, Deputy Secretary of the Group’s CPC Committee and Chairman of the Group’s Labor Union, had a friendly meeting with him.

        The both parties discussed Fez’s investment and cooperation opportunities and local policies, and made arrangements in future work and the mechanism of cooperation and contact.

        Boumchita said that the old part of Fez has urgent needs for water supply and sewage facilities and soil pollution control and the new part of Fez also needs enhanced environmental protection. Also, the Moroccan Ministry of Finance is increasing the budget for environmental protection.

        Chen Bing hoped that both sides will enhance communication, pay close attention to Fez’s opportunities of investment in tap water treatment, sewage treatment, sludge treatment and garbage disposal, and seek chances of cooperation.

        The visit of Hassane Boumchita and his delegation is helpful for the Group to realize its “going global” strategy and raise its reputation and influence.